ECOPET®, PET bottle recycled polyester fiber, was launched.


ECOPET® was adopted for use in kitchen sink garbage drain bags.


ECOPET® was adopted for use in high tenacity filaments for industrial materials.


Developed the chemical recycling technology
Chemically-recycled ECOPET PLUS® was launched.


Started Eco Circle® (fiber to fiber)


The use of ECOPET PLUS® in banners and drop curtains started.
ECOPET PLUS® was adopted for use in company uniforms for female staff.


Received the Minister of Environment Award for Global Warming Prevention Activities.

ECOPET PLUS® was adopted for use in the ties of the uniforms for ministry and agency staff.

ECOPET PLUS® was adopted for use in uniforms.


Eco Circle® received Good Design Award.

ECOPET PLUS® was adopted for use in the uniforms of guards, guards of honor, cleaning staff, and medical staff at EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan.


T-shirts made using ECOPET PLUS® were provided to the Japan Wheelchair Basketball Championship.

plastic cups for beverages were used at the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2006.


ECOSTORM®, a high performance waterproof moisture permeable material made using ECOPET PLUS®, was launched.


Functional polo shirts made using ECOPET PLUS® were adopted for use in uniforms for people supporting a professional sports team in Ehime.

A green carpet made using ECOPET PLUS® was used at the 21st Tokyo International Film Festival.

ECOPET® was adopted for use in tire cords for the first time anywhere in the world.
Adoption of ECOPET PLUS® continued in uniform and sportswear industries


Kitakyushu City Government adopted ECOPET PLUS® for winter clothes.
ECOPET PLUS® was adopted for use in the uniforms for cosmetics sales clerks.

Started providing support to the PET bottle recycle activity at a-nation, a music event.


ECOPET PLUS® was adopted for use in airplane blankets.
ECOPET PLUS® was adopted for use in medical clothing.


Started plastic cup collection and recycling activities at Hanshin Koshien Stadium.
ECOPET PLUS® was adopted for use in disaster blankets.


Built a global production system for PET bottle recycled fiber ECOPET®.


Variation of ECOPET® differentiating materials was extended (lightweight, UV protection, water absorption, quick drying, etc.)


The ECOPET® brand was expanded to include ECOPET PLUS®.


Developed a mass-production technology of extreme micro polyester fiber using eco-friendly raw materials, which makes all company polyester fibers eco-friendly

Mechanical recycling
The process crushes or melts waste plastics and then recycles them into materials for similar uses.
Chemical recycling
The process obtains petroleum feedstock by decomposing waste plastics chemically and recycles them as raw materials for products.

Performance Production Performance

We produced a cumulative total of 500,000 tons of recycled fibers during the period from the inception of ECOPET® in 1995 to March 2020. This corresponds to 25 billion PET bottles or 2.5 billion T-shirts.

Total production of ECOPET®