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About Raw yarn, staple fiber, and nonwoven fabric

The company added a variety of functionalities and sensitivities to the raw yarn of ECOPET® by changing fiber shapes and thicknesses or by processing.
The advancement of fiber technology enabled ECOPET® to deliver new value, such as recycling, environmental friendliness and to continue evolving as a material that makes people’s daily lives better.

Functionalities added by fiber shapes



This new functional polyester has a unique cross-sectional shape comprised of four flat mountains.
Features multi-functionality, including softness and draping, sweat absorption, quick-dry, anti see-through and windbreak functions.
  • Grooves created on the fiber surface by four mountains → Sweat-absorption and quick-dry functions achieved by capillary action
  • Irregularities created on the fiber surface by four mountains → anti see-through function achieved by the scattering of passing light
  • Low bending rigidity due to the flat cross-sectional shape → Soft and draping function


Polyester fiber with a new feel, featuring high sweat absorption, quick-dry, dry-touch, and lightweight functions
  • Water absorption and drying characteristics: Twice as high as those of conventional products, making it a non-sticky, dry-touch material
  • Wash durability in terms of sweat absorption: More than twice that of conventional products
  • Lightweight


  • By leveraging our unique technology to create yarn with odd cross-sectional shapes, we arranged eight protruding objects radially on a hollow fiber to let the gaps between fibers created by the eight protruding objects provide different functions.
  • Potential for broader use that can be achieved by combining it with other materials via false twisting, combination of different filaments, or twisted yarn spinning
Sweat absorption, quick dry, lightweight, heat shield, heat insulation and dry touch


Light, warm, thermal polyester fiber that contains ‘dead’ air due to its hollow structure
  • Rate of hollowness: 35% to 40%
  • So light it floats on water
  • High elasticity and firmness

Functionality and sensitivity achieved by the thinness of the fibers



  • Special polymer and microfiber of 0.3dpf created via ultrafine fiber yarn-making technology
  • Directly spun yarn that is different from split fibers or super thin yarn of the Kaito type
  • Tender feel achieved by ultrafine fibers


  • The surface area of textiles made from nanofibers is dozens of times larger than that of conventional fibers.
  • Compared to conventional fibers, it has higher water absorption and adsorption performance and a higher anti see-through property.
  • The texture of the textile is soft, causing little skin irritation.
  • It has a wide range of uses, such as functional sportswear, innerwear, skin-care products, antibacterial filters and precision polishing cloths.

Characteristics obtained by conjugating fibers together



Highly crimped fiber, natural appearance, stretch textile, low luster hybrid worsted-type material
  • Features a wool-like fluffy feel, spun-touch, resilience, elasticity, and firmness.
  • Wool-like natural appearance with low luster and vivid colors
  • Products that have stretch and anti-wrinkle properties, that can be tailored and are easy-care

Functionalities achieved by processing



Vertical nonwoven fabrics that have fibers lined up vertically can become a high-quality fiber cushioning material featuring high resilience foam, bulkiness, lightweight and high breathability by combining them with high-performance raw staple fiber. Moreover, they are easy to bend and mold. Sound absorption can be controlled by combining with a surface material or via pressing.